The Observatory for Economic Dynamics (O-De) is a research tool for the analysis and disclosure of structure and trends of Canton Ticino's economy, with particular attention to the labor market.

O-De was born in January 2017, it performs the activities previously carried out by the Observatory of economic Policies O-Pol (opol.usi.ch) and the Labor market Observatory O-Lav (olav.usi.ch).

The activities in which O-De is involved fill a gap about the constant monitoring of the cantonal economic condition. In particular, the Observatory meets the need for a scientific assessment of the cantonal economic complexity compared with other organizations, analyzes labor market, federal and cantonal policies, economic dynamics of companies.

News and upcoming events

06/11/2017: bilancia commerciale ticinese, III trimestre 2017.


confronTi autunno

Giovedì 23 novembre 2017

 Auditorium BancaStato, Bellinzona


confronTi autunno 2017 aims to analyse and discuss the competitive conditions of Ticino in an international scenario. Special emphasis will be given to the description of trade relations and links with the border regions, to the trend of a strategic factor, such as the electricity market and, finally, to the evolution of human capital, both on the demand and the supply side. As usual, researchers, policymakers and industry representatives will be involved, discussing the current situation and outlooks of the economy of our canton.

The program includes presentations by the speakers from IRE-USI, which will illustrate various aspects of the Ticino economy. The second part of the morning will be devoted to the comparison with other economic contexts. In particular, the production system of the neighbouring Lombardy and the trends that characterize the economy of Europe and Eurozone will be examined.

More info: www.confronti.ch

22/08/2017: bilancia commerciale ticinese, II trimestre 2017.

19/06/2017: bilancia commerciale ticinese, I trimestre 2017.