The Observatory for Economic Dynamics (O-De) is a research tool for the analysis and disclosure of structure and trends of Canton Ticino's economy, with particular attention to the labor market.

O-De was born in January 2017, it performs the activities previously carried out by the Observatory of economic Policies O-Pol (opol.usi.ch) and the Labor market Observatory O-Lav (olav.usi.ch).

The activities in which O-De is involved fill a gap about the constant monitoring of the cantonal economic condition. In particular, the Observatory meets the need for a scientific assessment of the cantonal economic complexity compared with other organizations, analyzes labor market, federal and cantonal policies, economic dynamics of companies.

News and upcoming events

22/08/2017: bilancia commerciale ticinese, II trimestre 2017.

19/06/2017: bilancia commerciale ticinese, I trimestre 2017.



confronTi primavera

20 June 2017

Auditorium BancaStato, Bellinzona


Is the destination Ticino competitive again?

Looking at the evolution – not only in terms of arrivals and overnight stays – of Ticino’s tourism market over the last two years, we seem to see a trend reversal over what had happened in previous seasons.

confronTi primavera 2017 aims to analyze and discuss some of the elements that have contributed to take Ticino tourism, if not back to the 80's and 90's levels, at least to encouraging signals after a difficult period. In this context, guest speakers from the Organizzazioni Turistiche Regionali of Canton Ticino (OTR) and the Agenzia Turistica Ticinese (ATT) will present some of the key projects developed as well as some of the ideas they are working on in order to increase attractiveness and competitiveness of their territories.

The program includes a first part dedicated to presentations by OTR speakers. In the second part, after a presentation by the ATT Director and an analysis by O-Tur researchers on the peculiarities of Ticino tourism, the event will propose a round table. Guest speakers will discuss, interacting with the public.

More info: www.confronti.ch

06/04/2017: Rapporto sulla competitività economica ticinese 2016 (ita). 

06/03/2017: Every year, confronTi offers two opportunities to meet, think and debate on Canton Ticino’s economic dynamics (their trend and their structure) in a comparative framework that includes interregional, national and cross-border realities.

For this occasion, economic and institutional actors gather together from the three perspectives: cantonal, interregional, and cross-border. The event calls for these actors’ participation not only in the production but also in the processing and fruition of the results obtained.


confronTi primavera

20 June 2017

Auditorium BancaStato, Bellinzona


confronTi autunno

23 November 2017

Auditorium BancaStato, Bellinzona


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